Healthy compliance

At Vendy, we understand that good nutrition is important for a healthy lifestyle and contributes to health and wellbeing. That is why we have supported a range of organisations such as Ballarat Health and Monash University with prioritising good nutrition by implementing the Victorian State Government’s Healthy Choices policy guidelines in our machines to encourage healthy eating for their communities.

The Healthy Choices guidelines were developed by the Victorian State Government to improve the availability and promotion of healthier foods and drinks in key settings where Victorians spend their time such as hospitals and health services, sports and recreation centres, schools and workplaces.

Following the Healthy Choices guidelines, we use a traffic light classification system in our machines that categorises foods and drinks as green, amber and red based on their nutritional value:

Green products

Green indicates the healthiest choices

Amber products

Amber represents products to be selected carefully and consumed in moderation

Red products

Red products

Red is a reminder for products to only be consumed as a treat, in small amounts

We regularly assess the foods and drinks we offer against the Healthy Choices criteria to make sure that we are complying with the Healthy Choices guidelines. Whilst we ensure that green choices make up the majority of the products in our machines, this doesn’t mean that we are limiting options because we offer a wide variety of nutrient-rich green foods and drinks to make it easier for people to make healthier decisions.

To take a closer look at how we have partnered with organisations to implement the Healthy Choices guidelines and promote health and wellbeing, check out our Case studies.