Case study: Ballarat Health

Ballarat Health Services has embraced healthier vending in regional Victoria, with Vendy’s healthy vending machines.

In 2019, Vendy brought healthy vending to regional Victoria at Ballarat Health Services’ (BHS) locations. 

BHS were looking to provide a healthier food and drink offering for their staff, patients and visitors especially for those who were looking for options outside of their cafeteria opening hours. 

Vendy worked with BHS dietician Kate Falconer to provide 12 healthy vending machines that are compliant with the State Government’s Healthy Choices Guidelines (HCG). 

Vendy’s machines at BHS locations go above and beyond HCG requirements, which require a minimum of 50% green products. All machines at BHS locations are stocked with more than 80% of the products in the green HCG category. Additionally, all beverage options are categorised as green, eliminating sugary soft drinks from all machines. 

The remaining choices in the machine are foods to eat in moderation that are marked amber and options to limit that are marked in red. Products that fall into the amber and red categories are priced slightly higher than others to encourage healthy choices. 

Operating in our fast-paced modern society and being surrounded by takeaway food outlets, providing 24/7 healthier choices for BHS staff aims to shift expectations around healthy eating, by offering easier access to healthier choices.

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