Our story

Making the heathier choice the easier choice

Our mission at Vendy is to make the healthier choice the easier choice. We believe that clean and healthy eating should be convenient, and that food can and should taste as good as it is for you. We have worked with Australia’s largest organisations in promoting healthier eating. We would love to support your organisation in doing the same!

Using the highest quality vending machines with the latest technology, we provide a simple and convenient solution to get fantastic, healthy products into the hands of your employees, customers and visitors.

We have scoured all four corners of the globe to hand-pick a complete menu of delicious, nutrient-rich products made by progressive domestic and international brands that will likely leave you feeling a little bit better after you eat them. With vegan-friendly and gluten-free options, our machines can accommodate everyone’s dietary needs. We are also constantly seeking new healthy snacks and drinks that are both appealing and tasty to ensure that the products we offer are the best available for your community.

Here’s to happy and healthy snacking,

The team at Vendy.