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Case study: Monash University

The first university in Victoria to introduce healthy vending machines aligned to the Victorian Government’s Healthy Choices guidelines.

In 2017, Monash University became the first Australian university and first major organisation to introduce healthy vending machines compliant with the State Governments’ Healthy Choices Guidelines (HCG). 

Monash University – Australia’s largest university – was looking to provide healthier snack and drink options for their students and staff across all campuses.

By partnering with Vendy, this was made possible with the installation of 62 HCG-compliant machines across Monash campuses.

To generate interest in the new machines and their healthy offerings, Vendy ran a coupon-launch with Monash University, which successfully promoted awareness of the new healthy vending machines. Monash University then ran social media competitions to give away one thousand coupons that could be redeemed to purchase one Vendy product for free.

As well as food and drink machines, Vendy has installed coffee vending and electronics supplies machines at Monash University campuses. Our electronic goods range includes phone chargers, USB sticks, headphones, and more. 

Vendy also currently provides custom product options for Monash students including Monash University branded keep cups, and stocking lab coats in machines located in science buildings across Monash campuses.

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