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Almo Naturals Almond Milk

Almo’s Naturals almond milk range is made using the finest Australian-grown whole almonds.

We love supporting local brands and that’s why we stock the Almo Naturals almond milk range produced by the premium Australian brand, Almo, in a variety of flavours, including Salted Caramel, Organic Cacao, and Mango & Turmeric.

Not all almond milks are created equal.

These drinks are:

Unlike other almond milks on the market, Almo’s almond milk is produced in partnership with Almond Co, the Almond Co-op of Australia, supporting over 85% of all Australian almond growers around the border of Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia.

The range is uniquely made of 100% Australian whole almonds that are churned into a rich tahini-like butter to give it its trademark creamy texture, leading to sustainable, waste-free milk. It contains double the amount of almond content than other almond milks sold in Australia, which means it offers an increased source of protein in addition to being fortified with calcium. It has up to 50% less sugar than your standard dairy and non-dairy flavoured milks, and is free from any questionable additives and preservatives, so that you can rest easy knowing that what you are drinking is the real deal.

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